Friday, June 20, 2014

DIY painted St. Louis Cardinals high heels

 As a huge sports fan, I am always looking for cute, creative ways of showing support for my favorite teams. This go-round, I was wanting to spice up some shoes I had bought on sale and what better way to fix up red high heels than by decking them out St. Louis Cardinals style. People are all the time asking where I got them. The response "Payless for $9.99" usually doesn't cut it. I spent one Tuesday night after work and just used craft supplies I already had at home and ended up with a new favorite pair of shoes to show support for my favorite baseball team!
What you need:
Shoes (These were made from a suede material and held the paint very nicely)
Paint (I used regular acrylic craft paint that cost around $.50 a bottle)
Paint brushes
Printed design/logo that you want on the shoes
Glitter (optional, for you of course, glitter is never optional in my book)
First, cut out the designs that you printed to transfer onto the shoes, leaving a little boarder so that the tape doesn't cover part of your design. Once you have them placed where you want, tape them down to make sure they don't move.



Once you have your design taped down, take your sharpie and trace the outside. You may have to do it a couple times to make sure it is bleeding through to the surface of the shoes.

After you have traced all your designs thoroughly, remove the paper and tape. What you should see underneath is a light, but surprisingly easy to see outline of designs you traced.
Unless you ended up with super dark trace marks the first time, you will most likely want make your lines darker by just using your sharpie directly on the shoes.
From there, it's just like a coloring book. Paint the designs however you want. If you want to add glitter to any part, like I did around the platforms, just sprinkle it on while the paint is wet and it will adhere to the shoes like glue.

And there you have it, easy, one-of-a-kind high heels made from 
craft supplies you probably already have at home!

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